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The best “drug” in the world is free: it is called “sea”.
The best "drug" in the world is free and is called "the sea" — excellent news for Sicilians, who boast[...]
Why wear a swimming cap?
Naturally and physiologically everyone loses their hair. This happens naturally, even if sometimes we don't realise it. Doctors claim that[...]
What are the benefits of the winter sea?
Perhaps not everyone knows this, but the winter sea is a real natural medicine. For the Sicilians it should not[...]
How to get to Aeolian Islands from Cefalù
According to a world ranking, Sicily is one of the most beautiful islands in the world to spend the holidays.[...]


Does the Mafia really exist in Sicily?
One of the most frequently asked questions from my guests is: does the Mafia really exist in Sicily?? For me[...]
Trinacria, the Sicilian flag. Why has it 3 legs?
The flag of Sicily is the official flag of the Sicilian Region. The flag, whose origins date back to the[...]
What do Italians eat at home?
As for "tradition", there are no particular recipes for breakfast in Italy, the only basic rule if you have to[...]


Fichi d’India: wild sicilian fruits
I fichi d'India are a plant that can generally reach 4-5 meters in height. It can be found around the[...]
Sicilian Cannoli – The traditional dessert
Sicilian cannoli are one of the best-known specialities of Sicilian pastry, consisting of a crunchy fried wafer in lard, called[...]
Braised rabbit pappardelle
This is an interesting recipe for cooking that you can do at home. You will all be amazed! You need:[...]



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