One of the most frequently asked questions from my guests is: does the Mafia really exist in Sicily??

For me it’s quite a funny question, because for many people Sicily is associated directly with the Mafia. It’s true that Sicily once suffered from some “mafia” events.

Sicilians for a long time struggling with the mafia, so even in the cinema was created several films about the mafia in Sicily.

In fact, even children in schools are taught concepts of legality. This is to sensitize them, and make them understand the importance of the institutions against corruption and illegality.

Nevertheless, to date, the mafia of the past no longer exists. Sicily is very famous from the mafia because of a large-scale and long uprising of people against illegality and mafia organizations. Times have changed, and no Sicily like illegal activity anymore.

Sicily today is a safe place to live. If you think about it, the mafia in our time exists all over the world, it’s simply called differently in each place…

If you like “mafia” themes, I suggest watching the movie “The Godfather” or the series “Don Corleone”.

Among the souvenirs that you find in Sicily, there is a puppet with a gun with the words “Sugnu Mafiusu” or “In Sicilia Fui”. In Sicilian it means “I’m mafioso” or “I’ve been in Sicily”.

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