Sicilian cannoli are one of the best-known specialities of Sicilian pastry, consisting of a crunchy fried wafer in lard, called rind, and filled with sheep’s ricotta cream, chocolate and candied fruit.

Traditionally Sicilian cannoli were prepared only during the Carnival period, but over time their success has become such that it is currently found all year round and not just in Sicily, but also in every pastry shop in the rest of Italy.

Even in the rest of the world, the cannoli is a very well known dessert, especially in North America, probably because of the frequent migrations of the Sicilians in the New Continent.

During your vacation in Sicily, do not forget to eat a Sicilian cannoli. You can buy them in almost all Sicilian bars and patisseries. They are in two ways: cannoli or cannolicchi. Cannolicchi are the smaller ones.

When you arrive at our villas, in our guide, you will find the best bars where you can eat the most delicious cannoli.

See you in Sicily! 🙂