The best “drug” in the world is free and is called “the sea” — excellent news for Sicilians, who boast a privileged position, in close contact with salt water. A stay by the sea, according to experts, can bring real benefits, thanks to salt, iodine and salsoiodic air. First and foremost benefits are good humour: contact with the sea reduces stress.

The sea first improves breathing because the air near the coast contains a higher quantity of mineral salts — a bit like a marine aerosol. Always the mineral salts favour the elimination of the liquids brought together in the tissues, fighting water retention.

If you want to lose weight, know that salt stimulates the nerve endings of the epidermis and, as a consequence, speeds up the metabolism, allowing the body to burn fat faster.

Also, it doesn’t end there.

The pressure that the water exerts on the body when it is immersed, combined with temperature and wave motion, performs a massage on the whole body and naturally activates the circulation, strengthening the circulatory system. Swimming relaxes muscles, loosens contractures and gives mobility to the joints. Still, sea water helps intestines and kidneys, thus purifying the body.