Naturally and physiologically everyone loses their hair. This happens naturally, even if sometimes we don’t realise it.
Doctors claim that each of us loses 40 to 120 hairs a day, based on the number of hair follicles still active and their growth cycle. The head in contact with water also loses the hair that remains in touch with others for several days.
Try to imagine a pool that is used by 30 people every day, in case you don’t use a cap, how many hairs would you find at the end of the day?

The four reasons why it is better to wear a swimming cap in the pool and why it is mandatory in the pool:

1. The headset is necessary for hygiene reasons. In the water you enter clean, in fact before entering you must rinse the body. In the pool, if no one used the cap, the tub would be permeated with hair, and you think how nice it would be to swim and have to stop because you have other people’s hair on your body or they get into your mouth.

2. The headset is essential as a matter of water filtration. With the hair, the filters get dirty more, and the hair remains stuck in the pumps with the risk of getting stuck or burning. The engines will have an irreparable failure. Generally a driver of a pool costs on average 2500 – 3000 euros. Do you understand the significant risk?

As a matter of convenience. Collecting your hair, you can swim more comfortably so that you don’t come on your face while swimming. Athletes use a headset to reduce friction with the water.

3. If you don’t feel like getting your hair wet, the headset will help you keep your hair tied and dry.

Many hotels with a considerable flow of users use acids to destroy all the residues left by users during maintenance hours. This is essential to safeguard the engines. Unfortunately, in the long run, chemicals can cause various health problems for people and also generate new diseases.

How important is it to wear a swimming cap? I am sure that from now on you will be much more attentive and you will be worried if in some hotel the use of headphones is not mandatory.